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Our mission is...


...to create ease in the way our clients move, think and feel so they can live more full and productive lives by bringing relief where it's needed most and often overlooked: professional environments.

Over the years we discovered a shared desire to serve our local community and to achieve a better worklife balance in the process. This was the birth of TactionRx. In exploring how best to accomplish our goal, it soon became clear from our collective work history that the time and place to have the greatest impact was to provide stress relief onsite to local businesses during the workday in the form of world class chair massage. 

What it means for us
What it means for YOU

How we describe it >

We look beyond the physical to help you truly find health


We're wanting you to have a place where you can move, think and feel without judgement.

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Teamwork can be hard, but it's worth the effort


We'll do our part to share the ease you could have in life, we want to see where you expand it to.

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How we describe it >

We chose this because it helped us find a better work-life balance.


Chair massage is your during the day reminder that there's more to life than work.

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How we describe it >

Do work that inspires you to get out of bed in the morning


Creating a little slice of heaven in the midst of a busy day

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How we describe it >

Do what protects the client and allows their journey to continue.


We use tact to get you to a place where you surpass your limiting beliefs. Explore it.

What our clients say >

To make that mission come to life, we demonstrate a commitment to these values. But they don't just apply to us...




 TactionRx is a highly skilled team of East Tennessee licensed massage therapists with over 50+ years of combined experience who began working together in 2015 at The Wellhouse at Blackberry Farm, a Relais & Chateaux member property serving some of the world’s most sophisticated and discriminating guests. 



Practice Manager

Every team needs a captain, and TactionRx officially has one. This USCG Captain also captains TactionRx as Practice Manager. A retired corporate attorney, Dan retired in chronic pain and barely able to function with tight, shortened anterior musculature from years of working at a desk. After rounds of physical therapy and then meeting and marrying his yoga and massage therapist spouse (cheaper than therapy, right?), Dan now gladly employs his skills to help TactionRx bring relief to the workplace. Outside TactionRx, Captain Dan is at the helm of The Knoxville Girl, a Hinterhoeller Nonsuch 26 cat boat. 



Principal & Business Development Director

TactionRx Principal and Business Development Director, Amy is a former Ernst & Young CPA who practiced healthcare taxation. She launched Unity Benefit Services, a Knoxville benefits administration firm helping local businesses and their employees save taxes on healthcare expenses (FSA, HRA, HSA). After a life-changing health event and selling Unity to a national firm, Amy followed her passion, becoming a yoga and massage therapist to share her healing journey with others. Her business and entrepreneurial talent has led to the launch of three spas in Tennessee and coastal North Carolina. Amy’s describes TactionRx as “her biggest passion yet,” because of her belief that massage is a powerful business tool. When not working, Amy loves all things domestic, flowering and with fur. 



Clinical Director

With over 18 years of massage therapy experience, Debbie serves as TactionRx Clinical Director where she oversees all therapist training and development. Having worked with performance athletes and even traveled with collegiate teams as their massage therapist, Debbie ensures TactionRx protocols and techniques are safe and effective for the corporate office athlete. Debbie is an accomplished fitness enthusiast who recently trained for a figure competition winning best amateur in her division. TactionRx is very proud to have Debbie’s strength on our team. 



Marketing Director

Prior to her massage therapy career, Donna was in marketing for a Global500 company. Suffice it to say, Donna is more than qualified to serve as TactionRx Director of Marketing. Donna is a gifted massage therapist and finds great joy and satisfaction in helping bring stress relief to the workplace. Donna loves to meet people and is quick to share all the benefits massage therapy can provide. When she’s not exercising her gifts of touch or gab, you can find Donna somewhere in Blount County exercising her latest skill of pickleball. 



Client Services Director

Amanda, TactionRx Client Services Director, is a former oral surgical assistant who knows firsthand the physical effects of repetitive stress and strain in the workplace. In addition to the physical toll, Amanda says it also takes a mental toll working in a job where “nobody wants to go.” This ultimately led to her massage therapy and the world is a better place for it. Amanda is an extremely talented massage therapist who excels at helping clients slow down and relax. Outside of TactionRx, Amanda stays busy caring for her 5 dogs, 2 sons and husband (not necessarily in that order). 



Safety & Compliance Director

A Blount County native, Jim is a highly requested massage therapist for a world-class resort. The consummate gentleman, Jim personally understands the ethical and boundary issues massage therapists face in rendering safe, therapeutic touch. This makes Jim ideal for serving as TactionRx Director of Safety and Compliance, ensuring every aspect of our massage services honors and respects the dignity of the client and therapist. When not working, Jim is busy designing and restoring part of his family homestead. 

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