Heal the Healers

Heal the Healers is a

community initiative to combat

compassion fatigue & burnout by providing professional chair massage to frontline COVID-19 healthcare workers in East Tennessee hospitals and eldercare facilities.

What is Heal the Healers?

For almost a year now, frontline healthcare professionals in East Tennessee have worked tirelessly risking their own personal health to care for our friends, family, and neighbors. These are the very people who have shown courage and compassion caring for our parents, grandparents and other loved ones when we could not.

And, as the pandemic wears on, many of these healthcare heroes now face their own health challenges of burnout and compassion fatigue.


They have been there for us.

Now, it's our turn to be there for them.

You can help!


Heal the Healers is a tangible way individuals and organizations can express their care and concern for local frontline healthcare workers by providing professional chair massage to alleviate workplace stress and combat compassion fatigue.


Ways you can help

  • Sponsor an individual chair massage for as little as $30

  • Spread the word - help organize group support for Heal the Healers at your company, school, or community organization

  • Consider adopting a department, shift, or an entire facility's frontline healthcare workers

  • Raise community awareness by sharing this page on your social media channels

How Heal the Healers Works:

  • Businesses or individuals can visit our online giving page to lend their financial support, providing tangible relief to local frontline healthcare workers

  • 100% of funds used to provide chair massage to East TN frontline healthcare workers at participating hospitals & eldercare facilities

  • Frontline healthcare workers and groups (departments, shifts, etc) identified by each participating facility

  • Chair massage is scheduled as each participating group is funded

  • All chair massage is offered and scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis

By supporting Heal the Healers you are also providing work for massage therapists who have been unable to work for a large part of the last year.
Thank You!
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Keeping Healers Safe

As healthcare practitioners, all massage therapists serving in Heal the Healers are fully COVID-19 vaccinated. To safely serve our community, all massage treatment protocols meet or exceed CDC guidelines.

Contact to learn more about how you can help