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Supporting your mission
one chair at a time

FEEL Great about Giving

We've all been to a fundraising event that was entertaining and unique. There are parts of those events that we tell as stories to our friends about "that amazing fundraiser" we went to once.


We've also all been to a humdrum fundraiser with lengthy speeches and hard press selling to donate. Which would you rather be? 

Give your donors a new way to literally FEEL great about giving. Bring chair massage to your next fundraiser. Chair massage can help loosen up event goers and have them ready to hit the dance floor in no time.


Plus, they can feel great about giving with Chair-ity too, as 100% of event tips go to support your cause.


We Complement Your Event

Chair-ity is the Prescription to show those who care about your cause you care about them too! Incorporate the powerful and proven benefits of Chair Massage at your next event. It’s clinically proven to help you move, think and feel better. And, there’s no better way to ensure the success of your event than by helping people feel great while they’re there.


TactionRx created Chair-ity as our way to give back to local nonprofit organizations in our community. With Chair-ity, all participating massage therapists agree to donate 100% of event tips to the sponsoring organization.

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We Believe

Being in business isn't all about profit or sales. The purpose of business is to elevate one's community. We want to use our business to give back to the community that supports us.

Whether donating time, money, or expertise, we want to be a part of the community that helps us all live better. What better way to do that than helping others get the resources they need. We want to help your fundraising efforts be as successful as possible by providing a unique and enjoyable way to care for your supporters as they care for you. 

How It Works

Creating a fun and memorable charity event can be expensive and time consuming. During planning and preparation, you're balancing ways to contain costs while providing an experience that encourages attendees to give.


There's no better way to ensure the success of your event than by helping people feel great while they're there. Chair-ity creates an environment where you can demonstrate how much you care about your event attendees and at the same time, your cause. But how?

After each chair massage, recipients will have the opportunity to donate to your cause via our Virtual Tip Jar. Ready to raise a few extra dollars? Here's how it works:

Book Your Event

Schedule time for one or more TactionRx therapists to provide onsite chair massage at your event.

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Promote Your Event

Promote Chair-ity in your event communications as a fun and healthy way to feel great while supporting a great cause. Guests can even pre-register to save a seat on the chair with a custom link for your event.

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Get a Chair Massage at Your Fundraiser

Take a seat and encourage guests to do the same. Our world-class chair massage will have you feeling great...and no time. 

Guests Donate via Our Virtual Tip Jar

Guests of Chair-ity receive a customized follow-up email containing a link to your Virtual Tip Jar where they can contribute up to $5,000 each. 

100% of Tips go to Your Cause

All of the monies received in the Virtual Tip Jar go to your organization. We'd love to help you raise funds for your cause. Are you ready?



Choosing Chair Massage for your event may seem a bit unconventional but that's part of why it's brilliant. We customize our services to suit your event and it's style. If you have an upscale event planned, we can accommodate to keep everyone looking just as fabulous before and after their massage.

Speaking of individuals, each massage is tailored to each of your guests and their needs. We are highly trained licensed massage therapists who have the knowledge and experience to provide just what you and your donors need to be in a giving mood.

Everyone is more apt to be generous when they feel great and what better way than Chair Massage at a Chair-ity event. Let us help you make your event the most memorable one around.  

Raise Funds...don't just spend them

Most event vendors are an expense for your event but that's just not our style. With raising funds as the goal, our service should help you do that. 


Tips are a customary way to express appreciation for a job well done. For most of us, tips seem like a small part of what we pay for service. But for those in the service industry, tips are a significant portion of income.


We think this makes Chair-ity a fitting way for supporters to express their appreciation for your organization’s service to the community. 


It’s also the way TactionRx gives by donating 100% of event tips to your cause. It's our way of giving. Together, we can better our community one chair at a time!


Image by Sam Dan Truong

Book a vendor that helps raise funds

Raise money for your event while giving back to your donors.