Looking to improve your Workplace Wellness without Breaking the Bank?

With employees returning to work and stresses on the rise, be the employer showing employees you care about more than just the work output.

We understand corporate stresses...

With over 20+ years of experience working in Corporate America, we know the pressure you're under and stresses you and your employees feel. Let us use our prescribed touch to help relieve the tension.


When you're looking to start or add to a workplace wellness program, you want it to be easy to setup, organize and participate in. 


We work with you to create a chair massage program that you don't have to constantly manage. You should be able to relax and participate in the chair massage on the day of, not be stuck coordinating all the minute details.


Wondering how it works? 


In corporate business, the question about cost always comes up early. 


We want you to be able to answer that question without hesitation. With our pricing guide in hand, you'll be able to answer that question without issue. 


Take a look at our pricing & contact us with any questions. We also offer discounts for repeat services and large packages. 



It's possible that when you pitch massage as a wellness benefit, you'll get eye-rolls in response and questions about the ROI. 

If you look at the research that's been done recently on the effects of massage on productivity, stress reduction and immune system boosts, it may give you the perfect rebuttal to the doubts of those reviewing your suggestion. 

Check out the results and how to prepare your ROI argument here.

Interested in working with us?

Use the information on our contact page to decide how you want to connect. You can call us, we can call you, or fill out our form to book your services now. 

Here are some helpful resources to get your chair massage process started.

Use these downloadable items to share information in your workplace.

Things to Consider when Considering Chair Massage

How to Prepare for your time in the Chair

How we keep you Safe: Our cleaning, setup & documentation procedures

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